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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I submit my claim?

Claims can be submitted via courier or through emails. For some insurers, reimbursement can only be done on original copies. So the preferable mode of submission will be courier.

To which address should I submit my reimbursement claims?

All claims should be submitted to . An auto acknowledgement will be sent to you after the receipt of your claim.

How and when can I follow-up on the status of my claim?

If you don’t receive the settlement from us within 15 calendar days, than you can follow-up on the status of your claim by calling our 24/7 Helpline at 800-4408 or alternatively can email at .

What are the required documents to submit along with my Reimbursement request?

The documents required for Reimbursement Claim are:
01. Duly completed Neuron Reimbursement Claim Form (mandatory)
02. Member’s/patient’s details (Name, Neuron ID, Date of birth etc)
03. The date of onset of first symptoms
04. Medical Section fully completed (with all information requested therein)
05. Treating doctor’s signature and stamp
06. Attach a copy of the Neuron Approval email (if any)
07. Any other information requested on the Claim Form
08. Copy of radiology/imaging reports, blood test results, other reports for special/diagnostic procedures etc. (where you have paid and are claiming for radiology/x-rays, imaging procedures e.g. Ultrasound, CT and/or MRI Scans, blood tests, etc.)
09. Copy of the prescription/s (where you have paid and are claiming for medications)
10. Discharge summary and medical report (in case you are claiming inpatient admissions)
11. All invoices (with proper breakdown of amounts) and receipts (clearly showing that cash/credit card payment has been made by you)
12. Please note that we will be requiring documents in English or Arabic to process the claim. If the claim is in a different language, we will require the translation of the claim to be submitted as well.

What type of Claim Form I have to use for my Reimbursement?

Medical Reimbursement Claim Form can be used for all kinds of treatments except Dental. For dental claims, please submit Dental Reimbursement Claim Form. All of the Claim Forms can be downloaded from our download section.

What are the different modes of payment in Reimbursement?

We pay through wire transfer or via cheque, based on the information you have provided on the Reimbursement Claim Form.

Can I receive cash payment for my Reimbursement Claim?

No, we do not provide any cash payments.

If my claim is rejected, how will I be notified?

In case your claim gets rejected due to incomplete submission or ineligibility, you will be notified by the Reimbursement team through email and a statement of account will be sent to you with explanation of benefit stating the reason of rejection. Please provide valid email address on the claim form where the team can reach you.

What is a statement of account?

Our statement of account is designed to be informative and is easy to read and understand. The format is similar to an invoice, allowing you to see any unpaid transactions or paid ones for the current claim.

What is an explanation of benefits?

An explanation of benefits (commonly referred to as an EOB) is an explanation on the rejections reason or any deduction that is mentioned in the statement of account.

Can I submit my claim in any language for Reimbursement?

All claims for Reimbursement should by either in English or Arabic, For all other languages we request you to submit an official translation for assessment and processing.


How can I submit my claim?

Claims are submitted via DHPO through their website

What is DHPO?

Dubai Health Post Office is the transfer hub for e-claim transactions. The system exchanges e-claims and authorizations between Providers and Payers.

What is the turnaround time of my claims upon submission through DHPO?

Claims are processed and paid within 90 days calendar period.

What are Resubmission Claims? How many days should the provider submit their resubmission?

These are claims that are denied because of insufficient data; billed but not medically related. Provider has 30 days to submit their resubmission after they received the rejected report via email or after we post their claim through Remittance advice.

What is the difference between coinsurance and deductible?

Coinsurance is a percentage of the service charge that your health plan calculates for you, after you’ve met your deductible. While the deductible is a fixed amount the member pays in each visit or per claim based on the member’s policy.


How do I know if a Healthcare facility is on Neuron Network?

Neuron clients are updated on a monthly basis with the list of providers included in their networks. Check with your point of contact with regards to your policy (HR/insurance company/broker as applicable) for the list of providers where you are eligible.

Am I eligible to visit any provider on Neuron Network?

Please refer to the Neuron list, which is the tabulation of eligible categories to said provider, indicating YES for eligible and NO for non-eligible.

How do I find the address, location of a facility within the network?

Please visit the “Our Network” section on the Neuron Website to get further details of your preferred facility.

How do I report a complaint against a facility?

We strongly recommend that all complaints are reported to Neuron 24/7 Helpline at the point of incident. Our Helpline agents will resolve minor issues within the scope where possible and guide you on the procedure in forwarding a written complaint.

How can I be a part of Neuron Network?

To become a part of Neuron Network, you have to forward your letter of interest on NEURON empanelment to Provider Network Team at and one of our team members will contact and guide you on the required documents and procedures for the empanelment process. Please note that empanelment is at the sole discretion of Neuron LLC wherein the feedback evaluation of your application will be communicated in writing – subsequent to the evaluation process.

How can I join in Neuron CSR activities?

You can directly approach the Provider Network Team with your interest at to discuss a possible partnership.

How do I get an update on our facility network placement?

In order to get update on your facility network placement, you have to contact the Provider Network Team with your request of updated network placement at and one of our team members will email you the placement of your facility for your guidance on cards eligible for direct billing at your facility.


Can the Medical Claim Reimbursement be done directly through bank transfer, instead of cheque?

Yes, this can be facilitated.

What is the rate of exchange applied on the international Medical Claim Reimbursement?

Actual rate of exchange at the time of medical expense incurred is taken for reimbursement of medical claim expenses.


How can I get an individual insurance for myself and my family?

Please contact our 24/7 helpline on our toll free numbers for further information.

How can I get my employees insured?

Please contact our 24/7 helpline on our toll free numbers for further information.

How can I follow up on my pending request?

Please contact our 24/7 helpline on our toll free numbers for further information.

What is the meaning of abbreviations like Ded, co-pay, IP, OP printed on my insurance card?

Deductible(Ded) is the fixed amount which is required to be paid by the member on every outpatient visit. Co-payment(co-pay) is percentage of total billed amount which is required to be paid by the member for each in-patient (IP)/out-patient(OP) visit or admission.

Which healthcare providers/facilities are available on my network?

For individual members – please contact your broker or insurer for the complete list. For group member – please contact your respective HR department.

How can I upgrade my Health Insurance plan?

Please contact your respective HR department or broker.

What is the validity of medical pre-authorizations?

The validity of medical pre-authorizations (approvals) is 14 days. After 14 days, provider is required to contact Neuron for re-approval.

If I decide to change my provider/doctor after approval has been received, what is the process?

Provider is required to contact Neuron for the cancellation of approval before Neuron issues a new approval for a preferred provider.

What is the usual turn-around time for receiving approvals?

The usual turn-around time for elective cases is 24 to 48 hours whereas in case of emergency, provider can simply call Neuron to take the verbal approval.

In case of emergency, how can I avail my insurance benefits? Do I need to contact Neuron by myself?

Simply proceed to your nearest in-network facility and present your insurance card. Provider will contact Neuron on your behalf and will complete all the required documentation.

Do I need to present any photographic identification along with my health insurance card?

Yes. You are required to present your any government issued photographic identity (Emirates ID/passport/driving license) as per local health rules and regulations.