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Mrs. Nada Majdalani, Neuron

Nada Majdalani

VP Business Development & Operations

Nada joined Neuron in 2013. She brings with her over 15 years of experience in medical claims management, insurance operations, client relations, and customer servicing.
Nada worked with some of the leading insurance players in the market such as Orient Insurance and NASCO brokers before joining Neuron. Nada has in depth knowledge of medical underwriting management,  production and policy management, claims administration, medical helpline management, and customer service.
She is very effective in understanding customer requirements and has been successful in building trust and cooperation with all types of clients, ranging from small to medium sized corporates, to large groups and government entities.


She believes in a personalized, hands-on approach to servicing members, and clients, and does so with the help of a highly dedicated customer-centric, multi national team.


Nada is a Certified Insurance Expert, holding a Master’s Degree in General Insurance and a BA in Insurance Law from the University of Saint Joseph Lebanon.