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How To Choose A Gym?

How To Choose A Gym?

It seems there’s a fitness center on just about every corner now, but before you spend your money on a membership, how can you figure out which one is right for you? and how can you make sure it will provide what you need?

To answer these questions, 4 fitness experts gave Neuron 6 things to consider before joining a gym.



This is of course an important factor for a lot of people, and good fitness centers charge a high premium. This does not mean that you have to forget the idea altogether. Be smart and consider seasonal offers, most gyms will offer discounted rates specially at the height of the summer season.


Location, Location, Location

An hour workout plus another hour to and from the gym everyday does not sound enticing at all. Consider a gym fairly close to your home or work to avoid any excuses to skip your workout.



Two things you must look at first, bathrooms & showers, they usually tell all. Also if they regularly disinfect equipment after use. See if staff are using wipes, towels and disinfectant spray.


Equipment & Classes

When looking at the gym, it is very important to go inside and have a walk around. Ask one of the staff to give you the grand tour and check if they are equipped with dumbbells, weight & cardio machines, stretching areas and what classes are being offered.


Other Amenities

This is an extra plus, does it offer amenities like a juice & snack bar, sauna, massage and steam room, a jacuzzi, personal trainers and weight/diet advisors.


Try It Out

Go at your preferred time and get a guest pass so you can try the equipment out. Some gyms look like they have a lot of equipment, but it could be all stuff you aren’t going to use anyway that’s why taking the equipment for a test run can save you a lot of trouble.


Final Word

Whatever you do, don’t sacrifice an opportunity to invest in your own health by choosing the wrong gym or paying more than you can afford, and remember that as a potential customer of a gym, you hold a certain amount of power, If they can’t meet your needs you have alternatives: the great outdoors.